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  1. entrepreneur
    Online portal driven cloud office suite, developed by and for the hard-working self-employed small business sector.

    Interact with clients through a subscribed portal, authorize credentials for others to log in into that subscribed portal to see their real-time data. Users only see items assigned to them.
  2. office

    We offer; CRM module, POS module(s), auction module, consignment module, GL module(s). all of which are interactive with users (members, contacts, vendors). Automatically track inventory, sales, proposals, notes, email, history, plus many other powerful robust features
  3. telephone

    We made an office template from structured business practices we duplicate this structure for your business. Subscriber controls business content along with custom set up features. Explore & learn modules to understand more.
  4. beach-hut

    Let's boost your profits and free up some of your valuable time!
    subscribe to our detailed, robust, streamlined cloud office suite and let it carry some of the burdens of your business today!

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about us

VIEVIM cloud office suite, we have come a long way since our inception, learn about our history!


  • Who; A self-employed small business owner myself, with over 25 years of field experience in residential construction, covering a large array of projects from small home repairs, to complete home building, often times acting on behalf of a client to manage a project through planning, development, and completion.
  • What; We are a carefully crafted multi-purPOSe online structured system. This system allows users to configure their own portals and give out credentials for others to log in, becomes the backbone of a companies solid foundation to build relationships with others. The name is two-part, Vie, compete eagerly with someone in order to do or achieve something and Vim, energy; enthusiasm.
  • When; During a game of family scrabble, Dad played the word vie, after researching the dictionary, the name was conceptualized in 2008, now in our 3rd addition.

History continued...

  • Why; During the hay day, there were a lot of programs available to use. Tried many that were available, during those trials is when the idea became evident. Most programs have strong points and weak ones. I found many to be short sited or strong for example in accounting. I would find myself using many programs to satisfy my needs. Try to find the records for one job, you'd go nuts. Hence, VIEVIM, the online office suite that makes each company about its customers first and foremost.
  • Where; We are headquartered in Houston, TX. The office solution for small blue-collar business owners is available nationally 24/7.


  • Donna Eder; Web Design Consultant
  • George Freeman; Version dotnetnuke
  • Abhijeet Takmare Programmer
  • Surinder Kholi; CS Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. logo.gif
  • SarbanJeet Singh
  • Moez Rojbi
  • Upwork Freelance site

"Let's just say this is control central"- N.B.W.


VIEVIM cloud office suite, read user testimonials submit your testimony.

Barbara Corak, Richard Preisler

"A useful and efficient way to organize and communicate with us on projects done to our home"

Baltimore, MD
Phillip Willey

"I have used two portals over the past five years to run all my paper shuffle on one system"

Houston, TX
Phillip Willey

"I have used two portals over the past five years to run all my paper shuffle on one system"

Houston, TX
E. Hochmuth

"Awesome system; clear, conscience recordkeeping made easy!"

Schenectady, NY
Richard Huff

"You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to navigate this system. Extremely simple to use!"

Wellsville, NY
Phillip Willey

"I have used two portals over the past five years to run all my paper shuffle on one system"

Houston, TX


"Word of mouth is by far the best adertisement, read what others have said."

contact us

VIEVIM cloud office suit, contact us form


contact us

Give us some time, we will get back to you shortly. Need faster response? text 434-363-8803

demo sign up

VIEVIM cloud office suite, sign up to gain direct access to the public demo portal.

office Already signed up, reenter VIEVIM demo here!

sign up steps

  1. simple; Fill in the required form, click demo sign up button.
  2. redirect; Automated feature will redirect you to the log in page.

general details

  • public; This portal is a public portal, meaning anyone can sign up to experience us.
  • caution; Headquarters would like to caution you on puting in sensitive information as anyone can see entries you might make.
  • revert; Headquarters will do data dumps as needed depending on usage.
  • explore; Our demo site is PUBLIC portal, an exact copy of a subscribers portal.
  • landing; Once logged in you will land in company mode, once you poked around a bit create a new contact. Take over from there.
  • power; We hope you enjoy your self-guided tour.

demo sign up

Give VIEVIM cloud office suite, a test drive today! This is a PUBLIC portal.

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"Let's just say this is control central"- N.B.W.

partner page

VIEVIM cloud office suite, help us help you as you helping us! huh? Let share our support each other.

"Let's just say this is control central"- N.B.W.

subscriber portal login

VIEVIM cloud office suite, owner, subscriber portal area, click to login with proper credentials.


  • Credentials You must have credentials to login, register to own a portal or get credintials from employer or from an owner of a portal.
  • Owners; To enter any of the listed portals you need your login credentials. As an owner you are in control of who is able to login.
  • Users; Your employer would br the one to give you user credentials.
  • Contacts; The owner of the portal is able to give you credentials to login.
  • Administration; The owner of VIEVIM the company has administration rights to all portals. A portal owner has administration rights to their own portal. Owners can assign administration rights to any of their portal contacts.
  • VIEVIM the company; We do not give user, or contact credintials to anyone to be able to login to a purchased portal.

subscriber portal

subscriber portal

"Strive for Superiority by Strengthening Relationships"- D.B.W


VIEVIM cloud office suit, sidebar item, primary, secondary, and tertiary

Contact levels

  • Primary; Of chief importance or principal contact. All other levels are under this contact. When we refer to a contact we refer to the primary contact.
  • Secondary; Coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary. Examples: family members, office staff, and referrals. A secondary contact does have login credentials for limited system viewing of only information from the contact module. No other system data can be entered, but owners have the ability to remove secondary contact by changing record to primary status.
  • Tertiary; Third in order or level. These are in system primary contacts that have a relationship with another in system primary contact. In short, this is an internal link, you can link a referral, a family member you already do business with as examples.
  • Contact block; Summary of all levels

Company contact features

  • Group; Create or add to groups.
  • Set margin; Individual margins, not system wide.
  • Active/inactive; Hide/show in Rolodex
  • Assign admin; Allow portal setting changes.
  • Rolodex; Alpha slider
  • Create new; Unlimited contacts.
  • Recent contact; Auto list last entry
  • Contact search; Type to search drop down
  • Filter group; Rolodex changes to groups
  • First name/last name; Rolodex changes to reflect
  • Login credentials; Auto generated, ready to distribute
  • Hyperlinks; System takes you back to the primary record.
  • Unlimited; Contacts with all major sub fields.
  • Assign; System requires a contact to assign items to.

Contact login features

  • Control; Company retains the right to issue login credentials, You must log in through a company private portal not the main VIEVIM cloud office suite, website.
  • Create; Inventory, file (PDF), photo upload, notes, email, calendar entries, all areas except a new contact.
  • Edit; Primary, secondary and tertiary record assigned to them.
  • Delete; Primary, secondary and tertiary record assigned to them, along with all entries made through login.
  • View; Only assigned transactions throughout VIEVIM cloud office system, can be viewed through ones own portal.
  • Assign; All entries made through a user login are recorded in their history as assigned to them.

"Transparency, structure, and communication are the building blocks of a successful business."


VIEVIM cloud office suite, sidebar item, three points of sale systems built with business flexibility in mind.


Inventory items

  • Classification; Each item can be listed as active, not for sale, or on hold. Items can be pushed to POSt on the calendar, prioritize, categorize, add a vendor label.
  • Internal list; A complete list of items such as materials purchased, labor to perform a chargeable task, or to add notes as a line item on documents. These items remove off the register as they are used.
  • External list; A complete list of items created by a contact for sale in a consignment or co-op store where items are owned by contact and for sale in this type of environment.
  • Register; Both lists of items automatically added to the inventory (POS) register ready for a sale or for a proposal.

Menu items

  • Build; A complete list of items such as materials purchased for resale, where the item might have been bought in bulk and divided into smaller units.
  • Margin; This is a great worksheet to determine profit and margin before an item is part of the build before being available in the register.
  • Register; All items in the menu (POS) are part of the register, the line item never removes off the register, the quantity of an item changes and is continually available for the next invoice or proposal.

Auction items

  • Sellers; This inventory is added to an assigned auction. It can be entered from the contact side or from the company side.
  • Expenses; Depending on your needs and how you run your auctions you can run expenses of an auction through the inventory (POS) directly from this module.
  • Automatic register; All items run through the auction docket from the sellers inventory ready for each buyer and seller after a sale has completed. Totally automated.

"Adding inventory is a breeze, never forget to charge any items"


VIEVIM cloud office suite, sidebar item, includes email, file (PDF), note, & photo area.



  • Forms; Each allocated area has a popup form with auto fill major input boxes ready to send with a click of a button.
  • Assign; Each email is assigned through the company mode or the contact mode and is recorded under prospective account.
  • Import; After setting up email in the portal settings your external email will be read by VIEVIM cloud office suite, form the contact primary record saved email, VIEVIM matches the incoming email and records email to matching contact history. The administrator can overwrite to reassign or assign unrecognizable incoming email.

Email continued...

  • Bulk mailer; Uses company formed groups to send group email.
  • Page/pages delete; After an import from an outside source administrator has the ability to page/pages delete unwanted company email.

File (PDF)/photo

  • Filter; Organized, searchable, and view able using filters on search criteria.
  • Assign; Photos must linked to one of the primary contact locations. Photos will not save without setting up a location first.


  • Creator; The originator of the note is the creator and is recorded in the assigned primary account.
  • Filter; Organized, searchable, and view able using filters on search criteria
  • Status icon; Make use of Status icons that show action taken or to be taken on an item: Private, follow up, display on calendar, view/not viewed, & reply.
  • Attachments; Attach files to each note.
  • Note levels; Primary, secondary, and location notes push to a single display. That display is color coded to know where the feeder retrieved the data.

"Its really not the salesman in you, it's the results once hired" - P.J.W.


VIEVIM cloud office suite, sidebar cart, two different types of point of sale registers with cash drawer settlement.


Inventory (POS)

  • Type; Inventory (POS) is a constantly changing register, once an item has been uploaded, invoiced or used in a proposal, it is removed off the register.
  • Internal list; A complete list of items such as materials purchased, labor to perform a chargeable task, or to add notes as a line item on documents.
  • External list; A complete list of items created by a contact for sale in a consignment or co-op shop where items are owned by contact and for sale in this type of environment.
  • Register; Both lists automatically add to the inventory (POS) register ready for a sale or for a proposal. To be clear items can be entered from company mode and contact mode.

Menu (POS)

  • Type; Menu (POS) is a set menu, once an item has been added, the item remains even after using the item as a line item in a proposal or an invoice.
  • Margin; This is a great worksheet to determine profit or margin before an item has been added to the build.
  • Build; A complete list of items such as materials purchased for resale, where the item might have been bought in bulk and divided into smaller units.
  • Register; All items in the build are part of the register, the items never move off the register. Simply, choose an item, change the quantity to add to an invoice or proposal, find the same item each time in this (POS).

Cash drawer

  • Use; This is an extreamely useful tool to balance a cash drawer after a day of sales
  • Point of sale; This tool is used by both inventory (POS) and menu (POS) systems.
  • Automatic save; All work performed inside this tab, is saved as a line item in a table, have an issue down the road the table is fully expandable to a day of that sale.

"It's not all about the money, but it is so helpful to be organized enough to know your numbers." - PJW


VIEVIM cloud office suite, sidebar item, a complete, online real-time auction system right at your fingertips.


  • Create; Unlimited inventory items can be added from the company mode or the contact mode.
  • Assign; All inventory is assigned to a contact, in this case a seller. This is required to create an inventory item.
  • Pre bid; Interested buyers can leave a pre bid on any items or items. In this table the item is color highlighted with an action button on item to create, edit or delete.


  • Create; Seller list is an automatic list that populates as inventory is created.
  • View; A seller can be given credentials to login to system and see list of items for auction.
  • Settlement; Seller settlement is auto generated during the auction. Can be accessed at any time.


  • Create; Buyer list is created from system contacts, each buyer is added as a contact first, then added as a buyer only for the one auction.
  • Settlement; Buyer settlement is auto generated during the auction. Can be processed during or after the sale.


  • Promote; As inventory is created, one of the choices you have is to show item on the advertise page, when box is checked the title of the item is added to this page, ready for a bulk mailing or hard copy for a printed ad.


  • Accounting; System provides several methods of accounting: buyer premium, seller premium, or a straight expense method.


  • Create; Auction docket is automatically generated as inventory is created. It is current at any point, before, during or after the auction.
  • Skip; A skip feature is built in. If there isn't any interest in an item the item is removed from the current POSition, moved to the last POSition where it can be put back up for auction a second time during the same auction.
  • Pre bid; Any item with a pre bid is color highlighted in the docket, hover over item, pre bids drop down. Clear and simple.
  • Real time; Totals are real time in the docket, simply hover over areas to see total during an auction.
  • Buyer; Buyer list generates as buyers are created, as a buyer bids and wins an item, their total is updated, simply hover over bidder numbers to see running totals.

"The hunt, the find, the win, delight a soul with excitement to a point of influence onto others!" - P.J.W


VIEVIM cloud office suite, sidebar item, interactive calendar with module feeds and view controls.


Calendar feed

  • Primary event; Primary contact events from primary record POSt automatically to the calendar.
  • Secondary event; Secondary contact events from the secondary contact record POSt automatically to the calendar.
  • Inventory feed; In the inventory (POS) users can check a box to push an item to POSt on the calendar.
  • Note feed; All note levels, primary, secondary and location notes can be pushed to POSt by checking the appropriate checkbox.

Calendar feed continued...

  • Auction event; All auctions listed in the auction module will POSt automatically to the calendar.
  • Calendar event; A calendar event is an event that is created directly from the calendar home page.
  • Holiday event; A list is created in the company portal settings for holiday yearly events.

Mini calendar

  • Features; All the same features as the full size calendar.

Date filter

  • Filter; With the use of a start date and end date the entire system will remain filtered until it is turned off.
  • Day display; Located on the upper right-hand corner of all pages, when solid the filter is not set, if the day of the month is changing colors then the filter is set. This acts as a visual reminder that the whole system is being filtered by a start and end date.
  • System display; When dates are set and locked, all modules are being filtered, only information between the two dates will display.

Interactive calendar where all POSts edit to the original form in the original module.


VIEVIM cloud office suite, program tab dashboard, widgets and feeds for quick overall briefings.


Left side of the dashboard

  1. Local weather; Displays today's weather with a 4 day forecast. Enter other zip codes for other weather areas.
  2. World news; National news feed lets you see top stories at a glance, click those stories to take you to full stories at hosting sites.
  3. Horoscope; Forecast of a person's future, a delineation of character and circumstances, based on the relative POSitions of the stars and planets at the time of that person's birth.
  4. Unit converter; A multi-step process that involves multiplication or division by numerical factors, selection of the correct number of significant digits, and rounding.

Center column of the dashboard

  1. * Income statement; Inventory (POS), Menu (POS), and Auction (POS) are totaled and displayed together to show percentages of each as a company hole.
  2. * Balance sheet; A statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of a business or other organization at a particular point in time, detailing the balance of income and expenditure over the preceding period.
  3. Loan calculator; Small powerful widget calculates simple loans and mortgage loans. Change many settings to customize and create the desired results.

Right side of the dashboard

  1. * Portal calendar; Interactive mini version of your full page calendar.
  2. * proposal statement; Feed from two-point of sale modules, are displayed side by side to show percentage comparisons between the two. This so you what your outstanding proposal totals are at a glance.
  3. League info; Sports fans can see upcoming game events and scores.
  4. Your location; Display of your IP address and location by zip code.

* internally fed from modules all others are external links

"At a quick glance, I can see a world that is all about me and my business"


VIEVIM cloud office suite, administrator settings only, control what is seen by you, your team, and your contacts.

owner / message

  • Assign owner; Your company is one of the first contacts entered into the VIEVIM system, once inputted, choose as the portal owner.
  • Floating message; Share a hot topic for the day, important information that needs to get to all users. This message block appears to all users when logged in.

dashboard setup

  • Company home page; Eleven default widget feeders will automatically display. The owner can turn off any one of these. This page also serves as a reset page (company home).

inventory tables

  • Active inventory hide show tabs: items, NFS, & hold tabs.
  • Membership tabs; hide show tabs: m-sold, m-levy, m-disperse, & m-paid.

email default

  • SMTP & IMAP settings; Link your email into VIEVIM so all emails will import to contact profiles.

bullet / tax

  • Bullets; These three bullets will display on the bottom of all point of sale documents.
  • Tax; Set your tax percentage for all point of sale documents.

Cart (POS) tabs

  • Cart inventory (POS) tabs hide show tabs: proposal open, proposal closed, sales open, sales closed, debtor (gl), sales (gl), tax (gl), & statistics
  • Cart menu (POS) tabs; hide show tabs: proposal open, proposal closed, sales open, sales closed, sales (gl), tax (gl), & statistics

user view

  • User view levels; This area is static and is to familiarize you with user settings.

sidebar display

  • Set your sidebar;Hide show modules on the sidebar. These will be reflected in company and contact mode.

calendar holidays

  • Holiday events; Yearly events area where you list the holidays that are important to you. These events will show on all users calendars.

"Simple to use, easy to understand, portal settings that control data views"


VIEVIM cloud office suite, sidebar item, as a company owner and a VIEVIM portal owner you are in control.

Made to fit companies

  • Blue-collar (all trades); Track labor, material, misc expense, invoice, proposal, CRM, POS, jobs in process, or jobs completed. Have employees add time and material from their user portal.
  • Co-op or consignment shops; Inventory and (POS) systems. Your contacts can upload their items for sale from their own portals, so items list in the company register.
  • Auction houses; Single auctions with one seller or multiple sellers, all items assign to contacts and auto build, auction docket, auction advertise, uses contact module to register buyers.
  • Restaurants; Build your own menu of drinks, specials, every day items. This system is stand alone, it tracks credit card sales, but does not process them.
  • Apartment management; Track tenants: profile, payment history, repair requests, & photos.

You the owner

  • Portal login VIEVIM the company assigns your username and password, you choose who you allow to login to your portal, you control from your portal.
  • user type credential provider
    portal owner VIEVIM cloud office suite
    admin rights portal owner
    members portal owner
    staff portal owner
    end user portal owner
  • Assign items; All items are assigned either automatically or manually, administrators can change assignments.

System modes

  • Company mode; All contacts primary records are open as a group, together forming the company mode, sidebar titles change to company mode in purple.
  • Contact mode; One contact primary record is open and all sidebar items return only items assigned to the one open primary record. Sidebar titles change to contact mode in tan.
  • Administration mode; If you are the portal owner you are an administrator, you can assign administration rights to others in your portal. This mode allows you to do things like hide/show and change system settings.

"At a quick glance, I can see a world that is all about me and my business"


VIEVIM cloud office suit, these are features that we built into our small business platform.

system features

  • Stop watch; Time management on every page. Time a phone call or set the timer once at a job.
  • Calculator; Data entry, no more searching for a claculator, its built right in, Assessable on every page.
  • Notification; No more wondering, if you work with a team or give out credentials to your customers always know when new data is entered and from who.
  • Short cut note; Busy during the day, in the middle of something, get interupted, click to enter quick notes that attach to contacts.
  • Short cut inventory; Since this is one of our main areas of our system we created this short cut to input inventory.
  • Pop up box; These awesome pop up boxes are condense, easy to read, easy to undrstand, quick entry. Used for email, create, edit, & delete functions.
  • Buttons; We made our buttons fool proof, all background color is turquize, hover is red, with a 360 spin click and button 360 spins back to original POSition. There is no question weather you clicked or not.
  • Margin; Margins are not system wide, they have a contact relation. This means margins can be adjusted for each contact.
  • Sidebar shrink; Enlarge your screen view, simple switcher removes sidebar, but tabs icons showing.

system fetures continued...

  • Contact Rolodex; Remeber the old Rolodex sitting on your desk? We have the electronic one, featured just like the tried and true ones.
  • Inventory Rolodex; We set up inventory in a Rolodex style, just like your the contacts.
  • Title bar create; Title bar of pages have been made into a button, so you have less mouse movements to open popups.
  • Date filter status; The date filter is set in the calendar modual, it sets dates to your peramiters, the system notifies you with a color changing button when it is active.
  • Print function; Most all information in the system is printable.
  • Mode switch ; The best way to discribe is that we go from company mode to contact mode constantly in our system, We have made shake, and colored title bars to define what mode you are in.
  • Back to top; When beyond the screen view there is a back to the top button.
  • Taxes; Our government has us business owners charge tax, we have a primary tax button, with two additional tax levels available.
  • Holiday calendar; The program has a link to most national holidays, add new in your portal and it updates all portals.
  • Auto expand text area; We have removed all the set box heights and made text areas auto expand.

system fetures continued...

  • Table scroll; We have table scrolls in place where the tables extend beyound the viewing area.
  • Table search; Al tables are word searchaable
  • Responsive; The whole system is view able for example on any phone, true we have hidden a few things so best viewing is on a computer.
  • Security; https://
  • Logo link; When you create your company profile, you primary URL you input becomes a link in your portal for your contacts to click your logo in VIEVIM and take you to your website outside of our system.
  • Key group names; As of now we have two key group names that have additional features attached. These groups are auctioneer and tenant. Both have a unique function. Nothing to worry about, all automatic. You have a need, let us know if you need a keyword programmed to have an additional function.
  • Breadcrub bar; Wondering where you are in the system, just take a look at the breadcrumb bar, if it has a backlink, it'll take you where you want to go.
  • Speed performance; We run extremely fast online, get out of our way cause the faster our program is the more money in your pocket.
  • SEO; We have set up URL's to portals in the following format www.yourportalname/, so the more sites, the better ranking we achieve.

"At a quick glance, I can see a world that is all about me and my business"